Collective Action



Kai Barry


June, 2018


May, 2019




Vision:  To create a global community that can take action together.  How do we get everyone to ride a bike for a day or call their representative?  How can we encourage individual action on a global scale.

Specific Idea: Create a mobile app that connects people and shows them the results of their collective actions.




Perspectives to understand:  The most important discovery was the importance of trust.  Both trust between individuals and trust of the application itself.

  • Definitions of trust in a variety of different cultures

  • Experts from a variety of different social causes that would have input of effective collective actions.

Experiments along the way:

  • Single collective action tied to a large event/day - ie. earth day - to see reaction to individuals seeing their contribution to collective action





The Declaration of a Global Citizen: Trust was the key element we discovered was lacking during our testing.  After testing rating systems with stars and likes we realized that human trust is based on intention.  When you meet someone and shake their hand they don't have stars over their head.  If people simply look into the camera and tell the world their intentions it gives you a sense of who they are, it begins the trust process.



300 Actions: If you're going to build a machine that lets people take collective action around the globe the actions they take better be worthwhile.  Over the course of the year the team traveled the world meeting with experts in every field from environmental science to religion.  Each of these thought leaders gave us a scalable action they felt would change the world for the better.  We now have a library of worthwhile things to do.



The App: We built an App that connects people from around the world and allows each individual to see the impact of their actions and a part of a larger collective action.  The app was designed to be a tool.  We wanted to make it as simple as possible so that people all over the globe could use it and not be used by it.  The app is now available in both iOS and Android and has been downloaded 30,000 times and counting.