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The Fellows

If you’re a proven doer and believe you know where the world should aim next you’re a Mira Fellow. We’re looking for mid-career applicants with a proven track record, an undying need to sink their teeth deep into a specific problem, and the openness to reframe their assumptions to find a new solution.

Selected Mira Fellows will work individually and gather several times during the year to share their research and build on each other’s ideas. It’s a deep dive mixed with a little creative structure and a small group of excellent people.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
— R. Buckminster Fuller

Applicants Should Be

  1. Observant

  2. Flexible yet determined enough to push through rough patches

  3. Enjoy working collaboratively

  4. Seek other perspectives

  5. Deeply knowledgeable in your field

  6. Mid-Career - You’ve done something. You want to do something more.


Nominate Someone

Give us the name and email of someone you think would make a great fellow and we’ll reach out to them.

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Several Overly Specific Examples

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  • A mid-career finance executive who wants to change the frame on our cultural view of child rearing.

    • This candidate worked high powered jobs in corporate America. She went to an ivy league school and studied economic theory. She worked as a consultant and then in finance. She’s begun to raise a child and is questioning how we value child rearing. She wants to research and present a new way of valuing child rearing.

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  • A mid-career data scientist who wants to change the frame on privacy.

    • This candidate worked in the field of advertising or social media. He acknowledges that in order for us all to work together over long distances information must be shared. But if large corporations collect and control all the data it creates a vast power imbalance. He’s curious how we can change our expectation of privacy for a new more connected world.

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  • A mid-career community organizer who wants to change our frame on diversity.

    • This candidate has been fighting for equal rights for years only to find opportunity shrinking and public sentiment heading in the wrong direction. She wants a chance to step back and look at the problem of opportunity through some new lenses. How do we make opportunity available to everyone in the coming connected world? How do we measure one individual against another?

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  • A mid-career teacher who wants to change our frame on education.

    • This candidate has worked in the world of education and become disheartened. Now that we don’t need to memorize everything to appear educated what does education mean? If we remove national interests in indoctrinating populations what do people need to contribute to society? What are the key components of an education where the internet is available 24/7?

Application window for 2020 class is closed.

Application for 2021 cohort will open in March 2020

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at