Foresight X

The Weekend Think Tank

Foresight Expeditions brings together experts and motivated individuals for an intensive weekend offsite focused on one pressing issue facing our non-profit partner.  


“What a great opportunity to deep dive into a cause I care so much about.”

“The weekend gave me a chance to engage with our donors at a whole new level.”

The Weekend
Foresight Expeditions organizes weekend think tanks. This is not a symposium or a conference. This is a thought expedition. It’s an intensive weekend where everyone gets their hands dirty and we walk away with a plan for action. If you want to sit in a audience, nod your head, and clap this isn’t the weekend for you.  
Each weekend twelve daring souls embark on a journey to solve one important issue set out by our non-profit partner. The weekend will be a fast-paced intellectual endeavor. You will be rolling up your sleeves and joining in to the process. Brainstorms. Thought sprints. Interviews. Presentations. Empathy building. Discussions. The mood will be playful, creative, and purposeful. 
If you like to exercise your brain this will be one of the greatest weekends of your life. There are no wrong answers. You’ll meet others with a passion for the issue and an active approach to life. You’ll leave exhausted and energized.
For Non-Profits
The weekend gives Non-Profits time and a motivated team with which to explore the most pressing issues facing their causes. It's a chance to step back and find newer, simple way. It's also an opportunity to forge new bonds with donors and engaged participants. By the end of the weekend we will shape a concrete plan to begin enacting new change.
For Individuals
The weekend gives individuals a chance to exercise their brains in a way regular life rarely requires. Our issues will be big. Our solutions will need to be bigger. You'll be spending long hours with a hand-picked set of incredible brains from diverse backgrounds. Ever wonder how a concert pianist approaches a problem? A hydroelectric engineer? The weekend gives individuals a chance to see the world from different working perspectives and to forge new bonds with intelligent and engage people. 
“I’ve never gotten done so much in so little time.”

What is the Future of Citizen Action?Feb 5th, 2017Sonoma, Ca.
“...Maybe the most energizing weekend of my life.”
— Heather Dermot, Novelist, What is the Future of Citizen Action?

This is basically a weekend camp for creative individuals who want to change the world. You’ll be sharing a room with at least one other luminary. You’ll be responsible for your own transportation. You’ll be working long and rewarding hours. You’ll be working with passionate and creative individuals. You might just make new life-long friends. It will be comfortable. The food will be great. But the spirit is one of participation not disappearing to your room to binge on Netflix. 
Sample Participants
Below is an example of the breadth of talent we invite to a single weekend.
NON-PROFIT PARTNERSA School Board MemberAn Educational Consultant
ENGAGED INDIVIDUALSA Particle PhysicistA PlaywrightA Manufacturing Systems EngineerA Visual ArtistAn Outdoor Equipment SpecialistA Retired Business LeaderA Tech CEOA World Class AthleteAn Environmental GeologistA Philanthropist

“My idea of what was possible was widened by such a diverse set of minds.”

Sample Schedule

Participants arrive. Casual wine and cheese.
Establish the Community. Define Challenge
Determine Key Opportunities for Design
Happy hour followed by a locally sourced dinner.
Design Deep Dive
Outside Inspiration
Happy hour followed by a locally sourced dinner.
Finalize Ideas
Executable Plan for the Future
Participants return to the real world.

About Us
We believe that the future is not inevitable. The important issues are only solved when someone takes the time to solve them. Foresight Expeditions brings together creative doers around the issues they are most passionate about. The intensity of the weekend is intended to forge bonds and push people past their usual thinking. We believe a few passionate people can change the world. Foresight Expeditions was created to find these people, bring them together, and create blueprints for our future.

Coeylen BarryFounder and Facilitator
Coeylen has over 10 years experience working in innovative educational programming. After receiving her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Teacher Education from Stanford University, she joined the founding team of African Leadership Academy ( as manager of curriculum development. She oversaw the creation of a cutting edge Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Design, and African Studies curriculum.  Students who have completed this program are already changing the world with their innovative ideas.
After launching the ALA in South Africa, Coeylen joined the K-12 lab at the Stanford Institute of Design to help with teacher training and curriculum development. She successfully led workshops for schools and educators from around the world. In additions to working with a variety of world-class institutions Coeylen has done extensive educational consulting with schools both locally and internationally.

Kai BarryFounder and Facilitator
Trained in mechanical engineering (BS) and mechatronics (MSE) at Stanford University, Kai worked as a product designer and interface designer (TiVo) in Silicon Valley before pursuing an MFA at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.
Since completing his studies at USC, Kai has written for top Hollywood producers including Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black), Philippe Rousselet (Lord of War, Source Code), and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (Insidious, Take Shelter) as well as, developed, and produced several smaller feature projects including; SPLINTER (2008) which received glowing reviews from the New York Times (A.O. Scott) and Entertainment Weekly, JUKO'S TIME MACHINE which won the SF Indiefest audience award, and NEWCOMER a soon to be released spy thriller set in Serbia.