A simple reframe can change the course of history...


Our Mission

The Mira Fellowship is building a blueprint for our cultural future by reframing our most intractable issues and discovering solutions that empower individuals to action.

We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

The Fellowship

Throughout history, monumental change has come from simple shifts in perspective. Our global society currently faces many seemingly intractable problems. The Mira Fellowship is designed to provide an opportunity for motivated people to address our most pressing issues by stepping back, finding a new perspective, and creating an action plan.

Fellows will be given one year to research, design, and produce a simple actionable plan for change. How do we reframe garbage? How do we rethink privacy? How do we rethink education? What is your question that could change the world?

The fellowship is cohort-based and remotely collaborates monthly as well as meeting in person several times a year. Each fellow receives a small research grant along with on-going coaching, support, and access to expertise.

Fellows Receive

  1. A structured work environment and motivated colleagues.

  2. Expert coaches in your field of interest.

  3. Travel and housing for in-person breakout sessions.

  4. $5,000 Research stipend.

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Nominate a Problem

Got an issue you think needs a reframe but don’t have time to tackle it yourself? Tell us what it is and we’ll look for fellows interested in that area.

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